What We Do

Your security is our concern!

What We Do

The Belgian Malinois I offer at this moment is of pure Belgian origin.
He is bred and born in Belgium.
We call him Sam. However, as all dogs of pedigree born in 2017 had to have a name starting with a U, U’SAM is his official name.
We bought him at the kennel “the black shadows”, known in Belgium for providing security at manifestations.
Sam received all vaccinations required for Belgium and the USA.
He comes with a health certificate of his hips, back and shoulders.


It is important that a dog listens properly. During walks, the dog should walk at the left side of the boss. The boss walks on the left side of the street. Hence, being on the left side of his boss, the dog walks not directly next to traffic and passengers.

Every individual not interfering with the boss, will not interfere with the dog. The dog will not react. However, if the boss is pushed or approached too closely, the dog will charge.

While riding a bike, the boss rides at the right side of the road. The dog runs at his right side, away from traffic. If the boss is approached too closely, the dog will charge.

This is important in situations where the boss wants to do something without having to secure the dog.

A burglar stands in front of the door. The boss opens the door and notices a person wanting to trespass. The dog charges.

The person is not a burglar, but a person known by the boss. The dog charges, the boss calls him off. The dog stops the charge and returns to the boss.

The burglar attempts to enter the truck at the rear end. The dog charges. The burglar is already in the truck, the dog charges.

The burglar is already on the property, and is well hidden. The dog searches the burglar and charges.

The dog barks loudly.


Sam is ready to guard and defend your home and garden or factory.

You will feel more safe with Sam.

Price and telephone number will be communicated upon simple e-mail request.

Sam can be picked up in Belgium.

We will arrange a simple hotel for your stay in Belgium.

Sam can also be delivered to the airport of your choice.

You will receive more information on transport and the best way to get acquainted with Sam on purchase. 



What we don't

I don’t breed dogs as only a limited number of puppies are suited to be trained.
Hence, I buy them after a thorough selection from the most renowned pedigrees.
Only when I spot the perfect puppy, I buy it and train it for guarding homes.