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My name is Patrick,  happily married to Marlies.
Both of us have been employed in education until our retirement.
In 1971 we bought our first dog –a Dalmatian- and ever since we’ve kept two dogs.
Quite soon, I’ve figured out that the Dalmatian didn’t really match my character.
Fortunately, a friend offered to take him over, were he grew old in a perfect setting.

Our second dog was a Belgian Malinois. This was a match made in heaven.
He was sharp, keen, vigilant, considerate and reserved when confronted with strangers.
To our deep regret, we had to let him go due to cancer before his first birthday.
Far too early, luck was not at our side.

After we had finished the construction of our house, we decided to buy a new Belgian Malinois, but this time a male.
We raised him with care and a bit of concern, remembering what happened to our previous Malinois.
We consider ourselves to be so fortunate to have had this gorgeous dog in our lives for 14 years.
He was a true member of our family. Since that time I’ve raised and trained several Belgian Malinois as guard dogs.

In the street where we live, there have been multiple burglaries.
Fortunately, we have been spared from such a dreadful experience. We believe this was thanks to our Belgian Malinois.
Since our retirement we have more time, and I spent a significant part of it in raising and training Belgian Malinois for people in need of a more secure and safe home.

However, I don’t breed them as only a limited number of puppies are suited to be trained. Hence, I buy them after a thorough selection from the most renowned pedigrees. Only when I spot the perfect puppy, I buy it and train it for guarding homes.

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